Secular Bus Campaign 2019

10 years ago the "Secular Bus Campaign" was under the motto "Gottlos glücklich" ("happy without god"). The message that a meaningful life needs no god has now arrived in society, but little has changed in the political environment. Therefore, the "Bus 2019 campaign", which starts in May, calls for the abolition of all state regulations that discriminate against religion-free people.

Statement on attacks on atheists, secularists, and religious minorities in Bangladesh

We, the undersigned academics, intellectuals, human rights advocates, and organizations from Bangladesh and around the world, unequivocally condemn recent statements by Bangladesh government officials appearing to blame writers, publishers, and activists for their own deaths at the hands of violent extremists with suspected links to militant Islamist groups. We strongly urge the Bangladesh government to immediately take steps to vigorously protect the rights to freedom of religion, belief, and expression, both in word and in deed.

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