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"Give Peace A Chance – Secularization and global conflicts" – timeline

Friday May 22, 2015

15:00 Arrival of attendees, start of registration, welcome drink

16:00 Opening session

René Hartmann, IBKA chair and Richard Honess, AAI board member

16:30 Nada Peratović

Secularism in Croatia: significance and challenges, introduction of the Center for Civil Courage

17:10 Dan Barker

17:50 Ismail Mohamed und Thaer Abdelaal

Islam and global conflicts – views from egyptian atheists

18:30 Dinner

for meal ticket holders

19:45 Words of welcome Franz Eiber

Partei der Humanisten / German party of humanists

20:00 PZ Myers

Science, America, and Atheism: How can the Enlightenment go wrong?

20:40 Corinna Gekeler

Discrimination by christian employers: Germany violates EU and UN conventions

21:20 Get-together

Saturday, May 23

09:15 Claude Singer

Give Peace A Chance: Does this include the right to refuse to obey military orders?

09:55 Morgan Elizabeth Romano

Moving Backwards; Losing Secularism to Islam in Turkey

10:30 Coffee break

for meal ticket holders

10:55 Rolf Bergmeier

What Europe owes to Islam

11:35 Joachim Kahl

Two Masterpieces of World Art. Titian’s "Venus with a Mirror" (1555) and Frida Kahlo’s "The Broken Column" (1944) illustrate aspects of a secular-humanistic conception of the Human Being – interpreted philosophically.

12:30 Lunch

for meal ticket holders

14:05 Words of welcome Michele Marsching

Pirate Party group in the parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia

14:20 Colin Goldner

Brother Chimp, Sister Bonobo: Legal Rights for Great Apes

15:00 Carsten Frerk

Religion as a fire accelerant

15:35 Coffee break

for meal ticket holders

15:55 Arzu Toker

The Quran and the Jews

16:35 Michael Schmidt-Salomon

Secularism is the solution – about religion and violence

17:10 Coffee break

for meal ticket holders

17:35 Words of welcome Berivan Aymaz

Secular Greens in North Rhine Westphalia

17:50 Maryam Namazie

Promoting Secularism in the Age of ISIS

18:30 Dinner

for meal ticket holders

20:00 IBKA award "Sapio" to Greg Graffin

followed by a buffet – for award ceremony ticket holders

22:00 Get-together

Sunday, May 24

09:30 Assunta Tammelleo

Public holiday laws in Germany

10:10 Leo Igwe

Jihadist Islam and peace in Africa

10:50 Valentin Abgottspon

Will the world be better without religion? The world without religion will be improved!

11:25 Coffee break

for meal ticket holders

11:50 Michael Nugent

Be tough with ideas, and compassionate to people

12:25 Annie Laurie Gaylor

13:15 Closing session

13:40 Lunch

for meal ticket holders

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